Long Time, No Post…

So, as you’ve certainly noticed it’s been a while since you’ve heard anything on here from your favorite farmers!  But, rest assured, it’s not because of a lack of activity on the farm; quite the opposite in fact!

Since our last update in April, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. Where to begin? After one of the coldest and rainiest Springs that either of us can remember the garden FINALLY started showing some reassuring activity mid-June, which was a huge relief for us to be able to assure our CSA customers during our season kickoff on June 28th.  Since then, things have been rocking and rolling and we have been blessed with a bounty of lettuce mix, kale, beets, carrots, (so much) garlic, basil, green onions, onion-onions, broccoli, and we are currently on the terrifying (wonderful) brink of having more green beans than we will ever know what to do with.  Last night we harvested our first cucumbers, and the zucchini is not far behind. I could go on boasting (so I will) and tell you that the pumpkins are looking amazing and the tomatoes will be along later than usual but it is fixing to be a fantastic harvest.  I foresee lots of canning and food pantry donations in our future…

Since I’m certain I can’t fully do justice to the many many happenings at the farm, and my preferred medium is much more visual than literary, here’s a brief picture book of what’s been going on at the farm since our April update…


Meet Bella (left) and Oliver (right)! Our newest additions to our farmily joined us in late April. Bella is a full donkey and Ollie is half donkey/half mini-donkey. They will act as our guard animals to keep our flock safe from coyotes.


Trinity surprised us with a tiny male kid on Thursday of Holy Week… so we appropriately named him baby Maundy. Now a days the little rascal likes to sneak under the fence and snack on the front yard… hopefully the neighbors are amused because I’m not!!


Aaaannnddd…. just when we thought we were done lambing and kidding, Kat surprised us with this beautiful baby girl on May 24th… yes, you read that right… MAY 24th. We sold baby Jesse on the hoof late June. Hopefully she is having fun with her new family!


All I have to say about this is… BLACK FLIES. Okay, that’s not all I have to say.  So, most of our 11 acres is wooded, which means in order to expand our pasture, we have a LOT of work to do! We’ve been working since early March on clearing phase 1 of our pasture. In the heat of black flies and the humidity of June we rented a wood-chipper to clear some of the smaller limbs and make shavings for our future trail systems.


It’s certainly been a project but the pasture is on it’s way!


Beautiful beautiful beets. As I mentioned in my intro, we have been blessed with such a bountiful harvest thus far. Confession… I don’t even like beets but I love showing them off!


And, last but not least – a faint but lovely rainbow over our November’s Harvest garden following an every-so-rare July rainstorm. Hopefully a sign of all that is yet to come.

More updates forthcoming.  In the meantime, get out there and do a raindance for us and all the other farmers.  Our well will thank you, and so will we. 🙂

Ok, until next time… Grow Happy.  Peace!