“It’s getting pretty hairy out here”

Dear Farm Friends,

Another exciting week on the farm! The most terrifying bit of excitement came with Tuesday night’s storm (we hope everyone is faring well and didn’t have any major damage!).  As we were headed home from our off-the-farm jobs Tuesday night we watched the ominous clouds billow above Limington Village. As if on cue, both our phones “binged!” and a one line text came in from our 17-year-old who was currently at home on the farm: “it’s getting pretty hairy out here.”

In all honesty, the clouds looked pretty scary, but kind of your typical-summer-thunderstorm-dark-and-gloomy. And then, just as we were turning the corner by Sleeper’s Market, we crossed over the storm’s threshold.  Let’s just say… it got pretty hairy out here!  As the wind whipped trees around and pelted rain on our windshield, we were dodging falling branches crashing down to the road. White knuckled, we hurried the last mile home.  We are very very grateful we didn’t have any significant tree or structure damage, and while the critters were definitely a bit frazzled, they were back to normal when the storm had passed within the hour.  A few storm highlights:

Farmer Myke warmed my heart when he ran in calling for a towel because he had a baby bunny in his hands that had gotten caught in the rain and needed to be dried off stat. (Update: baby bunny made it and is living her best life thanks to Farmer Myke’s impressive rescue).

We had one truly fierce mama turkey who is currently nesting in some overgrown weeds/pasture (in a somewhat exposed area) hunker down and endure the worst of the storm in order to protect her clutch of eggs. The rain pelted and thunder crashed, but she did. not. budge. Excuse the language, but tell me that’s not one bad-ass mama. Yet another example of females being consistently fierce across species. Case and point – Bella:

Photo Credit: Kyleana Carbone (Just had to post because it’s such an amazing shot of our Bella, and it fit in well with my fierce turkey mama allegory in lieu of a turkey mama photo)

This week

We’ll be at Steep Falls Farmer’s Market on Saturday, July 16th with a few new goodies to add to this week’s selection. You can see what we’re offering on this week’s market order form.

While they aren’t on the menu this week, we are looking at all of the flowers blooming on our green beans and peas, and broccoli and cauliflower are not far behind. This week we’ll harvest and start curing our garlic and maybe even start harvesting some early carrots… The changes in weather patterns and dry summers we’ve experienced these past few years continue to throw curve balls our way, but fear not, we shall adapt and react and continue to take care of our earth and grow food, even as the weather continues to baffle us.

A few “Save the Dates”:

– July 20th November’s Harvest will be the “featured farm” at one of the annual Community Suppers at The Stone Barn at Sebago Lake (at Saint Joseph’s College).  The meal will be featuring our chicken and we will have a farm demonstration prior to the dinner.  More info here.

– July 24th is Open Farm Day in Maine! We will be participating, along with many other farms across the state. Definitely a fun day to check out farms and learn about what they do! More info about Open Farm Day here!

-July 31st from 11am-2pm Steep Falls Farmer’s Market will be hosting a potluck picnic fundraiser in Steep Falls Village Park to raise money for Keegan and Amanda Moore.  Mandy and her 12 year old son Keegan live across the street from the Steep Falls Park and lost everything in a fire about a week ago.  Mandy and Keegan are long-time volunteers and supporters of our farmer’s market and our goal is to help raise some money to support them as they transition and rebuild what they’ve lost.  All are welcome.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope you have a great week – we are going to try to start posting here more regularly, so keep an eye out!

Grow Happy,

Farmer K